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At Vythiri Meadows it is the time to enjoy to your heart’s content - A great place to get out and about, exploring, climbing and hanging out with family & friends. Trekking, sightseeing, Bird watching, Elephant safari, trekking to tribal village, Herbal garden, boating facility, floriculture farm and horticulture farm are some of the areas where you can spend your leisure time. Guests can take a short walk to the main road and find several handicraft and forest-products shops.

  • Indoor, Outdoor games
  • Trekking through natural waterfalls, streams, natural pools etc.
  • Bird watching & Photo Capture
  • Trip to enjoying Natural streams
  • Bonfire in the evening

Yoga and Meditation Morning sessions

Rejuvenate your mind body & Soul with Yoga sessions under the guidance of a skilled Yoga instructor.


The idyllic location of Vythiri Meadows in the Western Ghats mountain ranges makes it a heaven for adventure seekers. An amazing adventure to experience the tropical rainforests nearby, the two-hour guided trek is conducted by our team where guests could take in the beauty of the rich flora and fauna. Spotting of Nilgiri Langur, the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Yellow Browed Bulbul, a magnificent array of butterflies and a wide range of other species prevalent in the Western Ghats is possible.

Culinary treat

For those guests interested in cooking our experts hold cooking demonstration of Kerala cuisine. Arabic traditions have often influenced he varied cuisine of North Kerala because of the ancient trade links. Our Chefs are more than happy to share their culinary expertise with you. Visitors can watch the cooking and other activities in the food court. Menu is not complicated and all the vegetables and fruits are grown in the organic farm without any pesticides or chemical manure. The traditional and authentic Kerala delicacies usually served on banana leaves without forks and knives tantalise your palate!


We make arrangements for leisurely walks to a water fall near the property, anytime during the day.


Feel the cool wind on your face as you cycle through trails that wind through the resort and the surrounding forest as well.

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