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A land of legends & vibrant greenery...

Wayanad – the green paradise which lies amidst the enchanting jungles of Western Ghats is one of the best and most visited hill stations in South India that attracts tourists worldwide. It is also the home of fascinating legends of King Pazhassi Raja, ancient tribal people, exotic wild-life, mysterious mountain caves like Edakkal with ancient inscriptions, hidden treasures of nature like the purest honey and herbs and more. There are myriads of fascinating tourist places, which are extremely beautiful in Wayanad that attract hordes of tourists from far and near. Apart from the breath taking scenery, the rich history of Wayanad charms visitors. You can grasp this opportunity to explore a range of interesting spots.

The spice laden breeze and the mist envelop you as you step out. The lush tropical forest, with exotic flora and fauna, gushing mountain streams and magnificent waterfalls holds you spell bound with their mesmerising beauty. You can always find treks and trails to vantage points, waterfalls and other scenic locations along with numerous picnic spots, including the Pookote Lake, for families to spend their time.

Wayanad offers a fantastic array of options for the visitors. Be it for trekking, or Tribal village visits to village of indigenous Tribal people who still follow an ancient way of life or plantation tours nearby. The unique geographical features of Wayanad hold a magnetic charisma and a delightful challenge to trekkers and nature freaks. The surrounding greenery & wonderful climate creates an unforgettable experience.

Wake up to the serenading bird calls, take a refreshing dip in the natural streams & enjoy the scintillating waterfalls cascading down from great heights. From visits to tea plantations, organic spice farms to the wildlife sanctuaries, historical temples and caves, Wayanad has a lot to offer for everyone to explore… Wayanad Attractions

Apart from the breathtaking scenery, the rich history of Wayanad charms visitors. You can grasp this opportunity to explore a range of interesting spots:

Wayanad Attractions


Wayanad with its natural grandeur & rich natural resources offer several opportunities for adventure tourism....



Wayanad has the idyllic setting to spend some quality time with your loved ones. A great ambience in a natural setting prevails in these family getaways...



Wayanad has been a prominent religious destination and its importance lies very closely linked to its temples...



Wayanad is rich in history which dates back to the Neoliths. It boasts of many places of historical importance...

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